Social Media – Listen before you speak

19 10 2011

I read a great article in the Harvard Review the other day based on the changing environment of businesses in relation to how they use social media. The article was written by Brian Solis, and entitled “The Impending Flood of Customer Unlikes and Unfollows”. Brian based his article on a recent encounter he had with a Facebook representative trying to sell him on the ideas of taking a company online. The selling point was simple;

“Don’t over-think any of this…. Do four things every week; ask a question, run a poll, share links, and engage with your fans.”

This sounds simple right. Unfortunately it is not that simple, and this trend is becoming a norm with company’s who have not sufficiently researched their markets, and have not invested in the proper help needed to run a social media campaign. The article goes on to say that if businesses do not rethink their strategies, consumers will change it for them.

To finish, a social media strategy now plays an integral role in business. When designing a strategy, it is important to understand the target market, as well as their expectations towards the company. The needs of both sides should be taken into consideration, and the content being shared should be relevant to both parties. Lastly, depending on the individual circumstances of the company (and industry), a successful social media campaign is not about the content or the profile, but about understanding and delivering what customers want.

To learn more, visit Brian’s article here

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